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When you are a school leader, curriculum coach or a teacher who knows about the power of the Science of Reading, the desire to create change can be immense.   The key to creating the change that is necessary to end reading failure is the ability to support, train and build relationships with all members of our school communities.  Building relationships, supporting professional learning and development and meeting colleagues and staff where they are up to in their journey are all crucial skills to develop. Without these skills you will not have the influence you desire to make great things happen for every child in your school. 

This membership site is a place where you can develop the skills and understanding to support and lead others. A place designed to help you as you work in your school and community to bring the Science of Reading to life for every child. 

So, welcome!  I am thrilled that you are here and look forward to hearing from you and working with you as we build a network of dedicated, knowledgeable and determined teachers and school leaders all dedicated to Inspiring Change in our education system.

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